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Booty on the Dance Floor (21+)
Vendor: Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures
Category: Sailing
Location: Hawaii-Oahu

Experience Hawaii at night and take in the lights and music on this club style pirate adventure. Enjoy some grog or a glass of wine while taking in the beauty of Waikiki with a crew of swashbuckling pirates.

If ye like the night life, then ye'll be likin' this club style piratical adventure. Lights, music and a little skulduggery aboard the Treasure Seeker with our crew of misfit pirates.

If ye' be wantin' some grog, bring yer own, 'cos we be waitin' on our liquor license (no glass containers please).

Get your booty on the dance floor as our live DJ transforms the Treasure Seeker into an adult only floating nightclub, pumping out top 40's and upbeat dance jams.

What to expect: Party like pirates, take in the lights and get down with the beats with our crew of swashbuckling pirates. Explore the shores of Waikiki at night and release your inner buccaneer. Pirate attire is optional, but we encourage it, and we may even reward it!

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Adult over 21$44.00

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